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How To Improve The Life Of The Faucet

    Many people are used to closing the kitchen faucets tightly after use. This method is wrong. For example, the traditional faucet should not be screwed in with too much force to prevent it from leaking, but it will damage the sealing valve, resulting in There is no way to close it, the correct way should be to turn it gently. When using the faucet daily, you must develop a good habit of drying it. Too much dust on the surface will also affect the service life and affect appearance. When not in use, the handle of the faucet can also be used as a handle.

    If the faucet is dirty, you need to wash it with water. You should use a stronger method. You can also use a damp cloth with toothpaste to clean its surface, then rinse it clean, and then use a dry cloth to remove excess water.

    In fact, there are some things you should also pay attention to when using the faucet. When installing the faucet, you should find a qualified person to install it. Before installation, you should also remove some sundries on the pipeline. During the installation process, do not let the faucet touch some hard objects, and do not put it on the surface. Cement and glue, etc., prevent their luster and surface coating from being damaged.

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