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How To Install a Kitchen Sink Faucet

    What are the installation steps for the kitchen sink faucet? Let's take a look at it together. There are three main steps.

    1. Reserve a place

    The style of the sink chosen by each family is different, so the position of the sink reserved on the countertop should match the volume of the sink. When ordering the countertop, you should inform the countertop supplier of the approximate size of the sink to avoid rework.

    2. Faucet installation

    Before installing the sink, the faucet and water inlet pipe should be installed. When installing a faucet, it is not only required that the installation be firm, but also that there should be no water seepage at the connection.

    3. Place the sink

     After installing some functional accessories of the sink, the sink can be placed in the corresponding position on the countertop, ready to start the next installation procedure.

    Generally, there are three types of above-counter basins, Taichung basins, and under-counter basins (that is, under-counter basins). Generally, there are three ways to install the sink.

    The only advantage of the under-counter basin is that it is easy to wipe the water from the countertop into the sink, but this also has a very bad point, that is, once it needs to be sold, it is difficult to handle. In addition, the under-counter basin is glued It is not environmentally friendly; and it may fall off after a long time.

    The Taichung basin is to polish the countertop to make a plane with the sink and the countertop. However, because the thickness of the countertop itself is certain, it is generally thicker and more difficult to install.

    The above-counter basin is the most commonly used way to install the sink because the above-counter basin can be done by using a special clip (or hook) and a sealing strip, which is very convenient. Even if it is broken, the entire sink needs to be replaced. It is also very easy Yes, and no need to glue.

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