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Principle And Advantages Of Thermostatic Shower Faucet

    There is a thermosensitive element inside the mixed hot and cold water outlet of the thermostatic faucet. The change in water temperature makes the thermosensitive element expand or contract to adjust the ratio of cold and hot water in a continuous manner so that the outlet water temperature is maintained at the set temperature value. Unaffected by changes in hot water temperature, increases or decreases in water consumption, or changes in water pressure.

    Anti-scald and anti-cold shock: The thermostatic mixing valve has anti-scald and anti-cold shock functions. During the process, when the cold water suddenly stops, the thermostatic mixing valve can automatically shut off the hot water within a few seconds to prevent scalds Safety protection function; when the hot water stops suddenly, the thermostatic mixing valve can automatically shut off the cold water within a few seconds, which plays a safety protection function against cold shock. Principles and advantages of thermostatic shower faucet

    High-temperature resistance: The internal components of the thermostatic mixing valve are all high-temperature resistant materials, which can work normally at a high temperature of 100°C.

    Guaranteed constant temperature: The constant temperature mixing valve is equipped with a one-way check valve to prevent the hot and cold water from colluding when the inlet pressure of the cold and hot water is inconsistent.

    Eliminate the influence of debris: the thermostatic mixing valve has its own filter to prevent debris from entering the valve body and affecting the normal operation of the thermostatic mixing valve.

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