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Repair Process Of Bathtub Faucet

    We may know that when installing a bathtub faucet, it is generally placed with a floor-standing bathtub faucet. The width of the bathtub on the countertop is 900mm, the bottom of the bathtub is 100mm from the ground, the height of the bathtub is 550mm, and the installation height of the bathtub faucet is 750850mm (concealed type), but do you know how the bath faucet is repaired? If you don't know yet maybe you can do as below.

   1. Preparation of installation tools: First, prepare the installation tools. Before installation, check whether the supporting parts are complete. Common faucet parts include: hoses, rubber washers, shower heads, water removers, kidnappers, decorative caps, etc.

    2. Clean before installation: Before installing the faucet, you need to flush with water, wash the sediment and impurities in the water pipe, remove the debris in the installation hole, and check that the accessories in the box are not mixed with impurities, so as not to block or wear the ceramic valve core.

    3. Left hot water and right cold water: When taking over, remember that the left side is hot water, the right side is cold water, and the distance between the two pipes is 100mm-200mm. After the water inlet joint is fixed, remove the faucet. After the wall plastering is completed, install the faucet to prevent the surface coating of the faucet from being worn and scratched.

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