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Some Selection Elements For Faucets

Look at the spool

We control the water flow through the opening and closing of the brass shower faucet spool, and the quality of the spool determines the service life of the faucet. Ceramic spools are the mainstream in the market at present. They are not easy to rust, are wear-resistant, and have good sealing performance. Imported spools are slightly better than domestic ones. The stainless steel ball core is a kind of faucet valve core with high technological content at present. It has high requirements on processing technology, good wear resistance, long service life, and expensive price.

Look at the faucet material

304 stainless steel is corrosion-resistant and has a long service life, which is the mainstream on the market. Copper alloys are usually more expensive. Copper has an excellent antibacterial effect, strong practicability, and durability. Copper also has two types: solid or hollow. There is no need to blindly pursue solid ones, after all, the price is more expensive.

Look at the craft

Chromium plating: It is the mainstream in the market at present, adopts a 10-level electroplating process, and the surface looks shiny in the past. The advantages are wear resistance, no rust, lightweight, and the most affordable price.

Frosting: The frosting process is to make the originally smooth surface of the object not smooth, and it looks more textured in the past.

Feature selection

Constant temperature: Built-in thermostat valve core, adjust the mixing ratio of cold and hot water through sensors to achieve a constant temperature effect, the preset temperature is about 38°.

Supercharging function: realized by reducing the unit outlet area.

Air injection: Air is mixed into the water column, and the water particles are fuller, which reduces the tingling sensation and saves water.

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