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The Working Principle Of Thermostatic Faucet And Hot And Cold Water Faucet

    The working principles of thermostatic faucets and thermostatic showers are similar. They all have a valve core, and this valve core has a temperature sensing element. This temperature sensing element is made of paraffin or Nitinol. It will change its shape according to the change of temperature, such as a component made of paraffin, when the water temperature changes, the volume of paraffin changes, and then the valve core ratio is adjusted by controlling the shaft so that the water temperature can be adjusted to maintain a certain value. The temperature remains unchanged to achieve the effect of constant temperature water.

    The function of the thermostatic faucet can only maintain a constant water temperature, it does not display the water temperature and the size of the water temperature; the scale of the handwheel of the faucet can only be an approximate value, which is inaccurate. Normally, the thermostatic faucet has to overheat protection, which is around the 38° scale line. If you want to increase the water temperature, you must press the raised button to turn the handwheel.

    The hot and cold faucet is different. The earliest hot and cold mixing faucet is a double-knob faucet. The user needs to turn the knob to control the cold and hot water to adjust the amount of hot and cold water, so as to mix into the warm water of the required temperature; The second-generation cold and hot water mixing faucet is a single-handle faucet. Its core is a ceramic temperature-regulating valve core. The user can adjust the temperature of the mixed water by swinging the handle left and right, and the water output can be adjusted by swinging the handle up and down. However, when the water pressure of hot or cold water changes suddenly, or when the temperature of hot water changes suddenly, the above two mixing faucets must be manually operated to re-adjust the water temperature.

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